This Material has a 'Declaration of Compliance for Food Contact' (DoC)

Food safe polyester PET Film

Picture above illustrates the 250 micron Clear and White Polyester PET Film

We are pleased to tell you that the PET Film material on sale on this page has been assessed for food contact .


We currently only sell in Rolls starting from 25mts in length and 914mm width. We provide a service that will allow you to slit the width into 3 divisions eg: 3 x 300mm. Our pet film has numerous uses such as for cutting Food Safe Stencils, Drafting film.


 With the new EU strict rules on 'Compliance for Food Contact ' we are unable to say that Mylar A is food safe. Mylar A has not been assessed against European  Food Contact Legislation. It has in the USA and is food safe but not Europe. We do not know if they will be assessing it in future but if they do we will let you know.