Melinex Stencil Roll by the metre

Melinex Stencil Roll 190 micron sold per metre x 240mm (5mt +)

Excluding VAT

UK Delivery is £3.50 for 5 metres plus. Buy as much as you like for just £3.50 UK delivery

190 micron x 240mm wide. Purchase by the metre. Perfect for bespoke sizes to suit your project.

Melinex sheet offers the same qualities of Mylar sheet and is tough and durable. Perfect for Stencils with the only difference between the Melinex and Mylar sheet being the Melinex is slightly whiter/milky in colour. See our pictures for the differences in shade. Melinex/Mylar film is ideal for Stencils allowing to draw or trace your design and cut out with scissors, scalpel or hotknife. Perfect for use on Laser machines and most plotters.

Melinex Stencil Film is laser safe and when cleaned carefully can be reused.