Mylar Stencil Rolls

We have a selection of Mylar A grade Stencil Rolls from 125 micron to 500 micron.

All widths are 914mm and lengths of the mylar roll are variable.

We do a slitting service if you want the 914mm width divided.

Only genuine mylar and not inferior acetate.

Up to 3 slits £35

Your selected mylar roll can be slit. Slitting service is offered in the listings. Just let us know the width of slits within the listing.

 For Overseas Delivery please contact us for quote


 Mylar® or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a versatile polyester film with a high durability, strength and high tensile properties. Mylar sheet in  is commonly used for stencil making because of its versatility such as being laser proof, food safe and solvent proof. Mylar can be reused when cleaned carefully adding extra value. We only sell genuine mylar sheets so our customers know they are receiving a quality product. Mylar is not to be confused with inferior plastics and PVC.  In film thickness 125μm, MYLAR® A is slightly hazy. In film thicknesses 190μm and above, MYLAR® A is hazy. Type MYLAR® A can also be used for release applications, office supplies, electrical insulation and industrial laminations with other flexible materials. Because it contains no plasticisers MYLAR® A does not become brittle with age under normal conditions.  

Material properties

All Rolls are 914mm wide

Please note** Mylar is not fully transparent material. If Rolls are purchased in error we charge a 30% handling charge and claim back our carriage costs. Return has to be in perfect condition as we will not accept a damaged return. Thank you.

 For Overseas Delivery please contact us for quote
190 micron
7.5 mil
250 micron
10 mil
190 micron
7.5 mil
240mm wide
350 micron
14 mil
500 micron
20 mil
125/190 micron
297mm wide
by the metre
£3.50 UK
125 micron
5 mil

exc. roll per metre

£6.45 overseas delivery for any number of stencils. exc blank sheets and rolls

Mylar stencils contact us
 For Overseas Delivery please contact us for quote
U.K. roll orders will take around 5 working days to deliver due to them being cut to order

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