Custom Made Mylar Stencils

We have for many years been supplying business and public with bespoke mylar stencils.

Our mylar text stencils only require you to select a font type, font size and then your added text.

Text stencils can usually be completed on day of purchase but please allow us a day or two to complete a bespoke detailed Mylar stencil.

We cut the mylar stencils up to A3 stencil sheet size but if your requirement for a text mylar stencil is larger then we will provide it in parts but with registration marks so it can easily be lined up. 

  • Select font type from below
  • Enter listing 
  • Select font size (State if you want italic)
  • Enter Number of characters
  • Submit your wording 

exc. roll per metre

£6.45 overseas delivery for any number of stencils. exc blank sheets and rolls

We have a few samples of bespoke stencils that we have recently  produced. Personal use or business use we can help you create the mylar stencil you are looking for.  

Please just contact us with a few details of what you require and we will give you a non obligatory quote. Our custom mylar stencils will be cut on your choice of 125 micron or 190 micron mylar stencil sheet up to A3 stencil sheet size.

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